Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lethargic Thursday!

The past few nights I've had trouble sleeping. I think it's a mix of work-related stress, exhausted muscles and the fear of oversleeping, therefore missing my 6 a.m. Pure Barre class and having to pay a $20 no-show fee!

So smart little me decided Advil PM would solve my problems and allow me to sleep peacefully through the night.

In case you were wondering - I did, in fact, sleep really well. But when I went to PB [Pure Barre] this morning I was incredibly drowsy. I looked like a sloth trying to "life, tone & burn!" I don't know how I managed to make it through the class, but luckily I did. Part of me wanted to personally apologize to the instructor for looking like a lazy bum, but the other part of me realized does probably doesn't take it offensively when people can't make it through the class without shaking out their legs multiple times.

Moral of the story - DO NOT take a sleep aid the night before an early workout. I guess that's why the back of the bottle says you must plan to get eight hours of sleep with each dose! OOPS! :)



  1. I completely understand! I've been there and accidentally done that before! I taught boot camp 3 mornings a week my senior year of college and I had to be at the gym by 5am for camp to start at 5:30am! Needless to say, I learned from my mistake :)

  2. It is a very cute figure. Very similar KORO and is a member of the home.

  3. ugh really paying a no-show fee?? i guess that is one way to really get people in the door but still $20, yikes!