Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ode to John Mayer

I think everyone has a music artist or celebrity that holds a special place in their heart. Am I wrong? My all-time favorite singer is John Mayer. He is so incredibly talented, funny and handsome- when he's a bit more cleaned up than he is now.

Anyway, he's streaming a new single on his website and will release a new album in late May! What a way to finish out my senior year. He starts touring in March and will be stopping in my hometown on May 6. I HAVE to go to this concert. Last year I had the opportunity to see him in Las Vegas, but my cousin was getting married that same weekend so I had to decline.

Thank you, John Mayer for giving me something to look forward to as I study for my GRE and complete my last semester of college!

Check out his new song here.

As I mentioned before, I find him to be REALLY funny. Here is one of my favorite videos of him pranking his fans. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mindful Monday- Week 4

This week I will do my best to be mindful of:

- The ability to maintain and take charge of my own stress level. Yes, this does have to do with the fact that my GRE is on Sunday and I don't feel prepared. Where do you draw the line between putting current school assignments and future school/career aspirations first?

- The power of prayer. Mike has a few big decisions to make about medical school in the next few weeks. We can only do so much, but God can take care of it all.

- The fact that we are so blessed to be able to enjoy the flavors of fresh food! I went grocery shopping yesterday and got so many fresh vegetables and fruits. It WILL taste so much better than anything I can ever get from a can, bag or box!

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Mine was full of friends, work, GRE studying & homework!


Friday, February 24, 2012

The Art of Writing

Have you ever thought of your writing as a form of art? In all honesty, you don't have to be a poet to be an artist of words. Simply think of the manner in which you string together strands of words. This small phrases and sentences can be beautiful, strong, hopeful... Your composition can reveal bravery, vulnerability and beauty. What I love most about writing is that there is infinite possibly.

I found this quote on Pinterest, of course, and wanted to share it with you.

One of my biggest fears is rejection, and with that comes failing to be accepted. But, when you truly let go and allow your creativity to be pure, natural and unique, you open doors to so many opportunities.

Obviously most of us love writing - I mean, we choose to blog and share our life with others on a daily basis. But, I am a firm believer in acknowledging your own success and achievements. Each of us should be proud of our written art. Even though sometimes I complain of writing struggles, there are some days when I can truly reread my posts or articles [for work and school] and think they are masterpieces- and you should too!

Thank you to everyone I follow for opening your heart and mind to me. So many of you teach me things on a daily basis that I would have never thought about or learned otherwise. With gratitude, I congratulate you on your mastery of the art.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Been A While

I've been busy the past few days, so I'm going to use photos & short captions to try and keep you up to date!

Daddy came to visit for Chi Omega Dad's Weekend. He only stayed for one night but it was a blast having him here. On Friday we went on a walk around my neighborhood, to a senior/dad's social and then fell asleep really early! I clearly learned how to be a work-aholic from my parents. He was tired from a full day of work and the drive down, and I was just as exhausted from my crazy week.

Saturday Mike joined us for lunch with my rommates' family. After that, my dad left and I continued to tweet for that competition I mentioned a few days back. U of A was competing against ASU to get the PINK Truck to our campus. Since I'm the Victoria's Secret PINK campus intern, along with one other girl, tweeting was the main component of my weekend! But for a good reason!

WE WON! The PINK Truck came to campus yesterday! My boss from PINK headquarter flew in and we did a campus-wide scavenger hunt with the mini dogs. 50 people had the opportunity to win a tote full of spring break essentials if they brought the mini dog to the truck! We hid them in tricky places and people still found them. Needless to say, this event was a hit! :) By the way, how cute is this truck? The bought an old ice cream truck and "pinkified" it! Now that the event is done, I get to relax for a bit!

Unfortunately I don't have a photo from last night, but my two of my roommates and I did two hours of workout classes at a neighborhood fitness/dance studio. The first class was HIIT Fit and the second was Zumba. We're all pretty sore today but we plan to do Cardio Pilates and Dance Cardio tonight! I can't wait.

I hope you're having a super week!
Happy Wednesday! Xo

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Misplaced Passion

This weekend I was cleaning out the drawer next to my bed. You know the routine - finally time to sort out all the junk you toss in there on a regular basis. I've been storing random things in it since I moved into my apartment in June and I could barely get it to open and close smoothly... I swear, I'm normally a neat freak!
But it wasn't so much about the things I found and tossed during my cleaning session, but instead what I found myself doing in the meantime.

I was singing my heart out. In fact, the sound was coming straight from my soul.

What you don't know about me is that I LOVE singing. My dad has 12 brothers and sisters, and together they all all formed a band. So naturally, I spent my childhood holding a microphone on stage at a handful of "gigs" every few months. Wedding receptions, family gatherings, birthday parties- you name it, we played music there!

Two years ago I entered a contest to open for Michelle Branch in Phoenix. I even made it to the the semifinals...

Anyway, the deal is that I haven't performed in public in a long time... and I MISS IT!

I think life gets so busy that we tend to put certain passions and pastimes in drawers and forget about them for a while. For me, the trouble is I'm not exactly sure where to put my voice to use. In high school, I sang with the worship band at my church almost every week. Since coming to college I haven't found a church I truly call home. And even though I'm about to pack up everything and head back to Scottsdale in a few months, there's a part of me that knows I could find someplace to sing.

But with what time? Grrr.... Time always has to be the issue.

Do you have any "hidden" talents or passions you've pushed aside? Maybe it's time to get them out and spark a fire in your soul! Even if you're not "the best" at what makes you happy... doing what makes your heart smile will bring joy to your daily life.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Dad's Weekend

No lengthy post today, but I am so excited for my daddy to come visit for Chi Omega Dad's Weekend! We have some fun senior-daughter/dad activities planned for this evening and tomorrow.

I am so blessed to have such a caring, creative and supportive father.

Happy Friday! xo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Calling All Tweeters!

Happy Thursday, friends!

If you read my post yesterday you'll know that I'm an intern for Victoria's Secret PINK at the the University of Arizona. We're currently competing against Arizona State to have the PINK Twitter Truck come to our campus.

If we win this- it would make my senior year complete!

If you have a Twitter, please help me out and tweet the following:

We know @VSPINK wants to bring their #PINKTruck to the University of Arizona to see our PINK SPIRIT, @vspinkwildcats!

Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Alright, so I normally do not get desperate like this... But here goes nothing!

I am a Victoria's Secret PINK intern for my university. We are currently in a competition against our rival school and I NEED YOUR HELP!

If we win this Twitter competition, the PINK Twitter Truck will come to the University of Arizona campus. This would be THE BEST way to finish my internship!

If you have a Twitter, please help me vote by going here! Make sure you look to the right side of the website and click TWEET about the University of Arizona- DON'T CLICK ASU, please!

You are all so supportive & I'm so grateful for that! Thank you in advance for your help!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wednesday Confessions & Goals

1. I was "that girl" yesterday... The one running full speed ahead with her 20-pound backpack flapping up and down. And it happened THREE TIMES in one day. Let's just say rainy weather & a few other things prevented my timeliness.

2. I ate a cupcake, 2 cookies, Jelly Bellys, 1/3 box of chocolates and fruit snacks yesterday. I'll consider this my "last supper," because as you know I'm giving up sweets starting today. I can't wait to see how much money I'll save!

3. Yesterday, I skipped my routine run to attempt to nap, avoid the rain & eat more sweets...

1. Turn in the journalism project I've been working on.

2. Write two articles at work and prep them for editing.

3. Finish my internship meeting on time to make it to a cardio class tonight!
*I bought a 30-day pass on Living Social to a dance studio and have only used it ONCE in two weeks. Grr... I need to make the most of it NOW!

Have a great Wednesday! I know I'm counting down until Friday because my dad is coming in town for Chi Omega Dad's Weekend :) I hope you're having a great week!


Happy Birthday Arizona [Valentine's Day]

I'm in a hurry this morning... but here's what's on my mind!

1. Happy 100th Birthday Arizona, Happy Centennial!

2. Happy Valentine's Day to all, especially to Mikey!

3. I bought the Canon t2i last night... I should never be allowed to shop online while I'm studying. But, I really do need it for my capstone journalism class!

Source: gizmodo.com via Louis on Pinterest

4. I just ate the cupcake my roommate made me for Valentine's day... for breakfast! I guess I'm just trying to make the most out of my last day of sweets! Yellow cupcake, chocolate frosting & cookie dough inside... YUM!

So many more thoughts zooming through my head but I've got to rush to campus to work on a group project (Yes, BEFORE school starts! Thank God for strong coffee!)

May you have a blessed Valentine's Day!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

So Here's the Deal...

I've had the biggest sweet tooth lately, to the point that I'm spending roughly $15 a week on frozen yogurt and chocolate. Ridiculous I know... But phew, it feels good to admit it.

So how will I combat this obsession? Well, I will not be conquering this struggle alone.

My dear friend Hayley and I give up sweets together every year for lent. This dates all the way back to sophomore or junior year of high school.

How appropriate that we're both eating cake in this photo...Sorry we look horrendous!

Some of you may be thinking that foregoing the same thing every year is not a sacrifice, but if you have the slightest knack for candy, frozen yogurt, cake, etc., you'll clearly understand it's a struggle. Because our wallets and waistlines are unappreciative of our infatuation, we've decided to give up our favorite things a few weeks early. So starting February 15, Hayley and I will encourage one another to skip the sweets... Anyone wish to join us?

Here we are at Chi Omega big/lil reveal 2011!

Promise, we're both friendly and would love to encourage you too! I'm sure we'll both be blogging about our trials and victories during this no-sweets period. Any takers...?

Happy Monday! Xo

Saturday, February 11, 2012

TOMS Ballet Flats

I am the proud owner of the new TOMS ballet flats. I've been counting down the months until this collection was released! But today is my lucky day- I had a few minutes to pop into Nordstrom on my way home from the parade (which was tons of fun)! The sales associate said they'd just received their first shipment and that he anticipated they'd be sold out by closing time tonight. Finally, my timing was right!

I'm so excited to wear them to work on Monday!

I hope you're having a great weekend! Xo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Home is Where the Heart is

Last night Mike and I drove back to Phoenix from Tucson. He has an interview today and I will be a part of the Parada del Sol Centennial parade on Saturday. As uneventful as the 2-hour drive is, there's always an overwhelming feeling of anticipation and urgency to get HOME!

When I finally got to my house I was so sleepy! Even though I was ready for bed, I stayed up to talk with my parents and brothers about miscellaneous things. My parents are so loving & my brothers are working so hard in their jazz music program at ASU. I'm so proud to be related to such honest, hard-working and wonderful people.

Today I have a lot to do: work from home, study for the GRE, class blog post, work out (Insanity video), homework... but just being around my family will make it more enjoyable.

Have a great weekend. TGIF! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eating Simple.

When we invite and acknowledge simplicity in our lives things seem to become less stressful, don't they? We see how easy it is to make others happy with an endearing smile, and hugs can be all the comfort a close friend could ever need on a bad day. But what about eating habits? No, I don't mean reflect on the fact that we can mindlessly spoon delicious meals into our mouths. Rather eating and maintaing a healthy diet can be [nearly] stress-free, if we are consuming foods with simple ingredients.

A few weeks back I wrote a guest post about My Fitness Pal. This website & app have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle by enabling me to track calories. I've even lost 8 pounds in total! The database has the calorie count for almost anything you could ever imagine. I can even enter items from restaurants like Rubios and Pita Jungle [no, they did not pay me to say this- and neither did MFP]. But there are times that I'm frustrated with its inability to find out how many calories are the green chile burro from my favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.

Of course there is a way to enter random calories so I can guess the amount ingested, but there's another way to stray away from the anxiety.


A few of my close friends are nutrition majors and this secret weapon "works", when it comes to losing and maintaing weight. Think about it. You can look up the nutrition information for the meals you're making at home because you can choose to use simple ingredients. But, when you're out to eat it's a rarity that there will be a spreadsheet located on the side of the menu explaining everything you're stuffing into your mouth!

Doesn't this make sense? If you're looking to track what you're eating I'd encourage you to cook often. Of course, I don't mean you should boycott eating out- this is part of socializing and treating yourself when you've done well! But, this will keep you from over or under gaging what you're eating...

I'm still a rookie chef, if you can even call me that. But it does feel good to cut fresh vegetables for grilling or for dicing. Find joy in understanding the nutrients you're giving your body. The motto I'm striving to live by is:

Happy Thursday! XO

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Word[less] Wednesday...

So I guess this really isn't a wordless post, but I want to explain why I'm not writing about one of the many idea ideas I have scribbled down on my bright blue sticky note, sitting on the right side of my keyboard! Truth is, I couldn't really sleep last night. I've been experiencing back pain, which keeps me tossing and turning all night long. So I thought I'd "sleep in" 30 minutes and skip typing a "text heavy" post.

Anyway, here are a few photos of my Chi Omega family from a mini photo shoot we had on Sunday! Thanks to my first little's mama for taking them! I can't wait to make a collage. By the way, these pictures are proof that I'm the oldest of the family, the matriarch (ha!), and that I'll be graduating in May! That seems so crazy- I remember being the baby of the family! Time has flown by far too quickly.

We are the Kentucky Derby Family, hence the hats!


Happy Wednesday! XO

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Belated Mindful Monday

I was so busy yesterday but wanted to make sure I posted a belated "Mindful Monday"... This one truly can go without my [additional] words. But, don't be afraid to be YOU, be unique & embrace your own strengths & weaknesses.

Happy Tuesday! XO

Monday, February 6, 2012

3 Years of Love

Today is my 3-year anniversary! Yesterday, Mike and I celebrated by going to dinner, watching the sun set (sort of), seeing a movie and toasting with champagne! He wrote me the sweetest letter that Included two tickets for us to see a play at the end of this month! :)

I am so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. With every relationship there are ups and downs, but we always make it through. I can't wait to see where this year will take us.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Reason, Season or Lifetime"

As you will know, this phrase is not my own. "Reason, season or lifetime." I love it and find so much truth in those four simple words.

Last night I was at a friend's birthday dinner. A small group of us were discussing people and incidents from our past [I promise it was not in the form of gossip]. When asked if I thought I'd be invited to the wedding of a friend I no longer speak to, I quickly said no. Honestly, for a split second I was a bit upset- maybe even angry. Speaking about the situation made the reality set it. It brought to life the fact that we are no longer friends.

As I tried to change the subject, I caught myself thinking, "Reasons, seasons or lifetime." And thank goodness I did.

While there are some people that you'll be close to forever, there are others that may come and go with the seasons. But almost everyone, if you truly think about it, has been placed in your life for a reason. Whether they've taught you something big or small, they've served some kind of purpose.

Therefore, as I'm quick to feel sad about recieving one less wedding invitation [or lost friendship] during my lifetime, I am certain I've learned at least one important lesson. What did she teach me? As you're on the journey to find out who you are, don't be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. And certainly don't let others put you down for the various opportunities you take. Experience is how you learn more about yourself.

As I wish my old friend a lifetime of happiness with her future husband, I remain thankful for our seasonal friendship. I'll always remember the outcome of our interactions and the realizations that have made me a stronger person.

And to those friends who will be with me for the long haul, thank you for all that you have and WILL teach me. For you I am so blessed.

On another note, how cute is this "thankful tree"? Such a fun way to count and remember your blessings.

Happy Friday! XO

Today is the Day!

I'm going to submit my master's program application today! Woohoo! I'm so excited. It's definitely worthy of its own post- soon to come!

I've been terribly busy this week so I apologize for the many Pinterest posts. But sometimes simple inspiration is the best kind.

Happy Thursday- May you keep refrain from comparing yourselves to others & instead find your OWN joy today!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Throwback Post

Today I'm cheating a little bit, or rather recycling content from my old blog! But I promise, it's just as prevalent now as it was nearly a year ago. Enjoy!

A few weeks back I was at a leadership conference and had a mini epiphany. One of my roommates for the weekend, is a very happy and bubbly girl who is loved by many. I couldn’t help but notice that each day, when she got ready in front of the mirror she continued to smile at herself. After observing preparation habits few times in a row, I told her that it’s unique to see someone smiling at themselves. She responded by saying, “Well, I smile at everyone else when I see them so I figure I might as well smile at myself.”

Although her response was simple and honest, it made me think- if we give ourselves the respect and attention that we give others, we just might become a happier culture. Instead of ridiculing every “flaw” that we see when we look in the mirror, why don’t we give an endearing smile that gives ourselves confidence for the rest of the day?

Great idea, right?

I’m definitely going to give it a try and see if it gives me an inner peace and new-found self assurance.

Happy Wednesday!