Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Thursday Agenda

Happy November.... Wait, what? Even though it seems like we're still in August, we're just two months shy of the new year! I never would have thought this year would have passed so quickly. I'm not saying I dislike that the holiday season is here, but it definitely snuck up on me.

I have a quite a bit to do before I leave for Pure Barre instructor training in Denver tomorrow. But I will say, packing for a "work out" trip is so much easier than packing for any other excursion. I will be living in Lululemon and my Uggs for the weekend - I'm definitely not complaining!

I need to be productive today, so I've made a to-do list!

- Read blogs
- Pray like crazy for Mike's huge med school exam
- Work (8 a.m.- 4 p.m.)
- Jesus Calling devotional
- Practice the Pure Barre warm up (I have to show it to the instructor tomorrow morning!)
- Laundry
- Shop for snacks
- Eat healthy (Someone hold me to this - we have so much leftover Halloween candy!)
- Pack for Denver
- Paint nails

I'm sure my list with grow throughout the day! I hope you have a wonderful Nov. 1.



  1. The only way I get anything done is writing it down so you are not alone I!