Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Foreword: I have a little problem with blogging. Sometimes stringing letters and words together on the keyboard is just too easy. Not easy because I have so many wonderful ideas, but sometimes I feel like it's too simple to repeat a post I may have created days, weeks or months ago. But really, when ideas resurface, we should acknowledge that the occurrence reveals importance... So today, regardless of whether or not if I've posted about it 30 times or none, my focus is on inspiring others... 

Life can seem monotonous, right? Maybe you pack the same lunch each day [I do] or hit the gym/workout facility at the same time Monday-Friday [guilty] or maybe you even do the same tasks over and over again at work all day long. Regardless of what may seem mundane, you are given the chance to inspire others each day, both near and far. Some may feel encouraged by a deep blog post and others might be spurred my their coworker at the cubicle next to them. Wherever and whenever it may be, YOU have the chance to influence others each day.

Maybe you choose to do so by smiling more, complimenting more frequently [with positive intentions, of course], asking questions about others' lives or calling your friend that is a thousand miles away. It might take extra strength, but maybe you do the extra push up or squat during your workout, eat a healthy meal, hold the door for someone... The possibilities are endless. Whatever it may be, I encourage you to think about how you might inspire someone today. With the same token, allow yourself to be edified by others, for I believe no interaction is an accident.

Stay tuned to see how I've been sincerely encouraged by those around me lately!


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  1. What a beautiful post, especially during a week like this one. I love finding blogs by writers, I find your words very inspiring!