Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's Your Sign?

I've never been into horoscopes. In fact, the last time I looked at mine I was probably in 8th grade reading 17 Magazine, pretending I understood what it all meant. While I'm nearly 10 years older and wiser [haha], I still can't wrap my head around where they come up with stuff. Side note: Whose job is it? I wonder what they do all day long! 

One of my best friends and I like to gchat on and off throughout the day. While complaints may stream across that tiny little box now and again, I must admit we're a pretty upbeat and positive duo. Yesterday I shared with her a blog I'd come across that had things to stop doing in your 20s and she told me I should check my horoscope. After browsing Elle's zodiac section, I may or may not have been dumbfounded and captivated. Is someone following me with a hidden camera to write the daily and profile Pisces sections? But really...

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

What's your sign? Is your horoscope spot-on today?

I have a feeling checking this is going to become one of my repetitious daily tasks! #addictivepersonality


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