Monday, March 5, 2012

Mindful Monday: Being Average

I'm the shoot for the moon kind of girl- I strive for excellence. Often, I am slow to try new things, out of fear that I will be nothing but average. Pretty lame, right? But I guess they say admitting is the first step.

As many of you know, yesterday I took my GRE. If you're like any of my caring friends, you're probably about to ask how I did? And of course I am so grateful for my supportive sorority sisters and best friends, it was a little embarrassing to say, "I'm an average test taker." But that is truly what my score reflects. Receiving an "okay" score doesn't mean I won't get into grad school, and it certainly doesn't make me a bad student. It does mean that test taking is not my strength. I am proud to admit- BEING AVERAGE IS OKAY!

This weekend I came along a quote on Pinterest... obviously. But, it really did open my eyes to a few things.

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

If I may create another quote out of this it would say, "You can try anything, but you can't do everything well." For all my peer perfectionists out there, remember this! We can strive for excellence, but we can't focus on the outcome so much so that it keeps us from maintaining our sanity.

May you all be mindful of accepting your mediocrity, when necessary!

Also, before the week escapes me again- haven't the days been flying by?- I want to thank Bessie over at Bravoe Runway for sending me Harvey Price: Ageless fragrance that I won in her recent giveaway! It was so fun to get a package in the mail and I'm excited to wear it to work this morning.



  1. I love that quote and completely agree with you. Test taking is hard. Best of luck!! :)

  2. I hate test taking. More power to ya for taking that test and being okay with being average! I love that about ya :)

  3. Nothing wrong with being average Shannon! Test taking is freakin hard! (i hate to admit this but I failed a test or 2 in college, i hate biology lol) Love the quote! :D

  4. LOVE this. I totally needed this today! Your blog is adorable. Newest reader!

  5. Shannon, I totally understand the feeling... I was a 3.8 undergrad student and when I took the GMAT and got an average score I was annoyed! But these exams have nothing to do with your intelligence! Glad you enjoyed receiving the package of Ageless...I hope you do like it!

  6. What a lovely post! Such a great quote! I actually have a quote on my phone that I look at everyday. " I will hold myself to a standard of Grace, Not perefection"

    Have a fabulous week!xoxo

  7. This was JUST the reminder I needed for this week - thank you!! :)

  8. i LOVED this post! today, in my math class, i realized-i'm not nearly as good in that as i am in all my other classes. and you know what? i'm average...even if i'm also a perfectionist. and thank you so much for having this post remind me that it's okay :)

    i hope you had a WONDERFUL monday!

  9. I was never good at test taking either. I was always delighted with an average score!