Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sick Saturday

It happened- I got sick. I should have expected this because it was only a matter of time until my immune system decided to give me a reality check. My body has felt funny the entire week but I thought I'd taken enough Vitamin-C to combat it. But the timing is so wrong...

I had a philanthropic event planned for this morning that I no longer can attend. I've been wanting to volunteer with Special Olympics for years but there's no way I want to share this little bug with anyone else.

Also, I'm supposed to leave for my spring break trip to Mission Beach this afternoon- we'll see if that happens. My dad says that when you fly with illnesses you're prone to ear infections... which doesn't some like fun.

Regardless, I'm trying to remain positive. Not only does everything happen for a reason, but also we are not able to control EVERYTHING in our lives- even when we try to!

Thank goodness I have a favorite quote from the The Enchiridion to remind me of that.
“There are things which are within our power, and there are things which are beyond our power.”

The words are simple, but sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered.

Have a great Saturday! XO


  1. Major bummer about being sick and conflicts with your plans. Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. I'm so sorry your sick! It's true about flying and being sick. It happened to me. So not fun! I hope you start feeling better very soon!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I used to volunteer for the Special Olympics every year when I was in high school and college. It's always such a rewarding day! The people have so much fun.

  4. sorry that you missed your event and were sick!

    xoxo navy & orange