Thursday, June 7, 2012

Make It A Stay-cation - Guest Post

I know my posts have been very inconsistent lately, but life has been full with job location changes, internship applications and apartment searching with my brothers [for them, not me- if you've followed my journey since moving back in with my parents]. But, today I've written a guest post for my friend Sara over at Sincerely Sara Cate. Check out what I wrote about turning animal/house sitting into a mini "stay-cation!" I promise helping someone out and a change of scenery will prove to be tons of fun!

If you aren't following Sara yet, make sure to do so! She's a dear friend and incredible mentor, with an amazing story of her own. 



  1. Loved ur guest post today! :) New follower xo

  2. love that little cartoon! too funny

  3. You have definitely had a lot on your plate recently! Heading over now to check out the guest post. :)