Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Makes Me Tick

I typed and erased about ten times the reason behind why I'm writing this post. But truthfully, I believe that sometimes others don't have to understand your purpose in order to appreciate the outcome. In simple words, I want to restore and rekindle my life's passions that allow me to thrive...

1. Meeting new people 
2. Great music [like John Mayer's recent album]
3. Watching others use their talents - I can't help but be inspired!
4. Reading a good book, both fiction and non-fiction 
5. Singing 
6. Running while the sun rises [I've been advised to take a few more months off]
7. Acting in a leadership role 
8. Being an aggressive follower in a purposeful group 
9. Following detailed instructions 
10. YouTube videos of all kinds 
11. Putting pen to paper and journaling my heart out
12. A good, meaningful purchase 
13. Crying - It's the heart's way of allowing you to lose weight 
14. Snuggling with my man on the couch 
15. Having my hair played with 
16. Freshly painted nails 
17. Skyping with my Argentine host sister in Spanish 
18. Engaging church services 
20. Penguins 

So this list is random, I know. I've been struggling lately to put my thoughts into words. Maybe it's the absence of assigned writing assignments, I'm not really sure, but it's the truth. Lately, I've been able to relate to John Mayer's songs "The Age of Worry" and "Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967." If you haven't really listed and digested the words in the songs, I encourage you to do so! 

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