Thursday, December 15, 2011

Help Me Out!

Calling all experienced- or HTML savy- bloggers.
As you may or may not know, I'm relativley new to the blogging world. As great as these pre-made templates are through Blogger, I'd love to add some personal touches to my page. So instead of posting about me today, I would simply like to ask you all for help & tips to making your page personal. Because I share of my life with all of you, I want my blog to reflect who I am. If you could please give me some suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.



  1. I'm not a blogging expert by any means but I would suggest googling blogger backgrounds/templates. One of my favorite background sites is . And create a header or have a friend design one for you. Or you can pay to have a layout and header made for you, A popular site for this is . Sorry for the long comment. Good luck, I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  2. I don't know how "experienced" I am, but I thought I'd let you in on what I do. Because I'm cheap and don't want to pay for a background, I usually just google free blogger backgrounds (right now my background is from hotbliggityblog). It will give you an html code for the background and you just insert into your blogger design. It took me FOREVER to figure out how to do a custom header, but it's actually really simple...if you're photoshop savvy (which, I'm not) you can just whip something up then load the image into the header, under design. Since I'm not an expert photoshop-er, I use picnik, pixlr, or fotoflexer to edit my images. To create a blogger button (which also took me a long time to figure out), use a how-to website like

    Hope this helped! If you have any more questions that I might be able to answer, feel free to message me!!

  3. Welcome to our little bloggy world! I would still consider myself new since I've only been around for about 11 months but I have learned a few things along the way. Some places you can get super cute templates from are or My background is from shabby blogs. If your willing to spend a little money, then there are people out there who will create a design for you. My friend Lia Joy at used B's Blog Boutique and you can get that link from Lia Joy's blog. I hope this helps a little and sorry this is so long! I hope you have a wonderful day! It's almost the weekend! P.S. I'm your newest follower!

  4. I would create a header in pain of something meaningful to you or a picture of you and your family with the title of your blog. That really helps put a face to a blog and help us get to know you.

    Also, maybe you can do a "currently reading" thing on your sidebar, or something else that you are currently up to (a project? a goal?)

    What else...hmm...maybe an about you tab at the top?

  5. Hey, oh boy i had the same problem with you, you see i wanted to make my blog as personal as it could be and also to reflect what the blog is all about, and let me tell u something i didn't want to pay for a great blog(no money, dear, no money), i am not great at photoshot either(well i suck, that's the truth) if u don't want to pay and you are not an expert there are 3 solutions and i hope i help you:
    if you can't open the link just write on google search create blog header picasa....
    you see picasa is an easy way to create personal blog headers or even backgrounds, its much easier than photoshot, and you pay nothing to get it, just download it, i used to use it and its not hard to can for example put various pictures of you and your family and unite them into a collage and add the title next to the pics, or up or down, or however you want it....
    solution number 2: check the web for free backgrounds
    solution number 3: upload a picture through the web or your personal file of pics and add it as a background or header ( you can add it as a header by going to the costumize your blog section and the header button, you hit it and upload a picture, but first click resize to fit the size of the header, so that it looks good)...if you want to use a pic of yours for the background(although let me tell u something, white backgrounds set off pictures better) can do it by going to costumize your blog- background- background image-it's where you change the title, seize of letters etc etc...
    now listen to what i did and it was awsome...i took a picture i wanted through the web and then opened my painting bar in my computer where i spray-painted-wrote my blog's name on top of the picture... it looked good and different.i used it as the header..unique header...
    also if u want a more unique header and don't want picasa or any other program...
    here's a quirky but easy way to create it..if you use polyvore..create a set with any pictures-text-effects you want, send it to your blogger as a draft, store it on your computer, and SIMPLY upload it as your image header through the upload an image for your header button...
    i did this for my blog
    check it out and tell me what you think,
    do u like it? don't u think that it is unique and conveys what i am writing about? maybe u don't like it...
    i would be so happy if you checked out my blog, or even followed, by the way...
    hope i helped,
    for any other information or help contact me i can help u...just write me a comment on my blog...and i'll help u...

  6. last but not least...don't let it get to you, play with your blog, change colors, backgrounds, until you are satisfied with what you got, i did the same, i also did the same with my content, and let me tell u something, sometimes u may feel like you don't do your best, that you don't show what u are capable of, and u feel bad about it, sometimes u even doubt yourself ( i did, and do, so many times) but nothing of that matters, trust yourself and your skills, and whoever likes it, likes it, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SHOULD FEEL HAPPY WITH play with it...
    and by the way support new bloggers as much as u can, i try to do that, i think its the right thing to do, i mean we all have dreams right?

    here's a site with cute backgrounds...
    there are so many out there, just browse through many sites, and get what u want...
    did i help?
    god i wish someone had helped me, now that i think about it, it was soooooooooo difficult to do it on my own

  8. Thank you all so much! I will be dabbling around with the resources you gave me- and will most likely be MIA until Sunday! Hopefully I find something that reflects my personality. Again, thanks for taking the time to comment with suggestions!