Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shopping for a Cause

Last week, my roommate held a 31 Bits holiday party at our apartment. Jewelry parties are always fun, but they're ever better when you're shopping for a cause. The 31 BITS story is amazing. Watch the video to find out why I'm so passionate about this organization.

Not only was all the jewelry beautiful, but also before shoppers left the party, they were asked to write a thank you letter to the designer. These notes will then be sent back to the Evelyn in Uganda. I love that she will get to see how appreciative all the buyers are. Positive affirmation is always beneficial. This is such a special touch.

One of the most powerful elements about the 31 Bits story is that the brand was started by young females! Our generation is truly making its mark. This next inspirational company could be started by you or me! I hope you're inspired by this story. If you don't make any purchases, at least understand that you can make a difference in this world if you do what calls your heart.

Happy Sunday!


  1. what agreat message and video :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi!Thnx for your sweet comments.Your blog is really interesting. Follow you on bloglovin!

  3. I love companies that partner with an even better cause. Thanks for sharing this!