Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun Friday!

FRIDAY IS FINALLY HERE! Although I shouldn't say "finally" because this week seemed to fly by... as are all the days leading up to graduation.

Even though today is going to be busy, I'm promising myself that I'll get to have some fun this evening. I don't get to attend Country Thunder this year, so my roommate and I are going to go dancing at a new country bar that just opened a few months ago near campus. Nothing says "Fun Friday" like line dancing and cowboy boots.

Here are the boots I'll be sporting - the turquoise on the right - they are my favorite!

This photo is from freshman year during Spring Fling which was themed country! So glad I made this purchase.

What do you have planned for "Fun Friday?"



  1. How awesome! I can't make it to Country Thunder either, which is a bummer! It's just so dang expensive! Happy Friday! Line dancing is SO fun!

  2. Cowboy boots and dancing! That's going to be fun!

  3. those boots are amazing!! hope you enjoyed the dancing