Thursday, April 12, 2012

Productive Morning

Hi beautiful blog friends!
It's Thursday, which means the weekend is so close! I'm very excited because I'm going to a wedding in Phoenix on Saturday and get to see some of my closest friends. I have a lot to do this morning before I head to my 10 a.m. class, but I've already been to the gym and am currently sipping on some delicious black coffee.

Although I complain that "I hate the gym," because it doesn't satisfy me as much as running, I must admit my workout today may have changed my mind. I guess I'd forgotten how lucky I am to have a wonderful gym, with fabulous machines, just right up the street from my apartment.

This is a quick post today, as I still have a small to-do list to accomplish...

-Finish my final presentation for RELI 307
-Paint my nails (OPI Mod About You)
-Shower & get ready
-Send a few emails
-Pack a lunch
-Read a devotional



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  2. Doesn't it always feel good to get little to-do lists done!