Monday, April 23, 2012

Mindful Monday: Four Years of Blessings

People always told me that college would fly by, but it didn't really sink in, until now. Today is my last full week of my undergraduate education - where did the last four years go? Of course finishing college is bittersweet, but I'm truly going to try to celebrate the fun times and memories. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take senior photos from three of my sorority sisters. These women have helped me grow into my skin and become who I am. I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with you, and show you one that I took of my roommate a few weeks back! By the way, there were SO many fantastic images... I sort of had to choose these at random, from the 100 that I loved! 

Meet Eleanor- one of my best friends :)

Here's Kelly - Such a California beauty!

Last but not least - Chelsey! She's my "cousin" in Chi Omega!

And here's my lovely roommate, Karissa! I'm obsessed with the flowers in front of our sorority house!

Aren't these ladies beautiful? 

Who knows, maybe I'll start doing photography on the side?! I don't have fancy editing software, but I can make do with iPhoto for now! 

So what's mindful about this post? For the next 19 days - yes I have a countdown on my iPhone - I'm going to reflect and celebrate the beautiful blessings of my college career. Starting tonight, with all of my Chi Omega seniors. 



  1. graduation will be here before you know it!! congrats beautiful ladies on your upcoming graduation!

  2. College did not fly by for me, but I'm glad it did for you! It looks like you've got a wonderful group of friends, congratulations!

  3. Enjoy the end of your college years!! It's such a special time!