Monday, April 30, 2012

Mindful Monday: Keep Me In Your Heart

Tonight is my last Chi Omega chapter. It's weird to think that [almost] every monday for the past four years I've put on business casual, my pin and attended chapter dinner and meetings. Tonight my senior letter from my parents will be read, along with a slideshow and I'll have to stand up to say my final words to my 250 sisters. Although I spent half of the date dash on Friday crying over the fact that it was one of the last time we'd all be together, dancing to our chapter's song, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," I truly want to convey more than tears.

College is when you find out who you are. You leave the bubble of "home" and are given new freedoms.

I took chances, made choices and most of all, learned that when people love you for you, that is what's most important.

My Chi Omega sisters are a true testament to this. They embrace my music obsessions, crazy dance moves and desire to always want to do what's right [even if it's the smallest thing]. Each day, they inspire me with their volunteer work, activism and innovation. If I've learned one thing in my four years it's that surrounding yourselves by those who love, support and inspire you, is imperative. For when they do those things, they will also challenge you to be a better YOU.

So as I struggle to write my senior goodbye, I will focus on two of my favorite things...

So this Monday- and hopefully forevermore, I will remember that even though goodbyes are difficult, it just takes finding a special place in your heart for someone to keep the love and memories alive.



  1. Such a bittersweet time! Enjoy every second of your final chapter!

  2. Absolutely!! Soak it all up! Definitely bittersweet!

  3. Aww! So sad, but happy. You're closing one chapter and moving on, but I love the way you're cherishing what you have 'til the last moment!

  4. love it! great post =]
    lico sister <3

  5. I hope it was a wonderful night! I remember my "senior goodbye" very well. Fond memories with wonderful friends! The good news is that the last 4 years have created unbreakable bonds and you've made lifetime friends. Here's to a lifetime of memories with your sweet friends!

  6. Enjoy the moment and have a great night. When I went through my final ceremony with Phi Mu it was very emotional but you'll remember it forever.