Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am totally failing to be healthy right now. Okay, not completely failing, but definitely not succeeding. With my half marathon just a few days away I should be eating well and cross training to be better prepared. But I'm in a slump... I'm sure some of you can relate?

I'm hoping to find a quick solution before it carries on for to long. The problem is that if I fall into my typical cycle I'll end up being upset about it for far too long and then lose sight of what's important- a healthy & happy life.

The reason I love this picture so much is that it truly inspires me to think about how I'm fueling my body. With the little nutrition information I do know, I should be trying to put food into my body that will help energize me, not pointless calories that cause me to regret my decisions. All I want to find a balance between eating healthy & rewarding myself with my favorite foods (Mexican, fro yo, wine...) that will satisfy my mind, body & soul.

So I plan to use these words from the image above to motivate myself. Hopefully it will help me get back on track...

But I'm not going to throw in the towel or give up on myself if I hit a few more roadblocks. Thanks to my roommate who is a new blogger over at To Whom It May Concern, this Jason Mraz song helped remind me to keep the faith when times are difficult... Even though the song seems to be about relationships, I feel lyrics can always have multiple meanings if one finds them applicable. :)

Hopefully I'll be able to report some progress soon- I hope this picture and song motivate you in some way!

Happy Thursday- XO.


  1. Oh goodness... Im trying to be healthy too. It's HARD! But you just have to make it your lifestyle. So far im doing good! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! <3

  2. You can do it! It is so hard to get on the wagon and stay on. I fell off the wagon hard after the holidays and now I am trying to get back in routine. It is hard.

    Mrs. Monologues

  3. You got it girl! I try to always remember that what I put in my mouth is fueling my body! And I'm pushing my body hard in the gym so I need to fuel it right :)

  4. I'm having the hardest time trying to get motivated in eating right & working out! No worries girl, you arent alone!

  5. I can totally relate to you! It is so hard to change your lifestyle!

  6. i am right in the same boat with you!!!! it's so hard to just be healthy! especially with school and work and life. but we're all going through the same thing! i'm trying my best to eat healthy healthy healthy cause i'm getting married in april! so my goal is to look fabulous on that day!!

    allister bee blog

  7. You can do it! Just stay focused and don't beat yourself up, remember that you deserve a treat every now and then!

  8. it is so hard to be healthy -- just have to stay focused & that picture is so great! love the Jason mraz song :)
    Keep your head up & just strive for the goal you set & you will reach it :)


  9. don't beat yourself up too much and resolve to do better tomorrow and the next day. just because you screwed up today doesn't mean you can't reset the start button tmw! you can do it girl

  10. I've been bad at eating too =[ I was craving chocolate this week for obvious reasons and I just had to give in! But I think a small indulgence now and then is fine =]

  11. Such a great message ... I often spend my calories on bad "fuel". Happy (almost) Friday!

  12. I am making a personal declaration that 2012 is the year of the six pack! Abs... Not of cola... I might have to print that image for inspiration. P90 X ab ripper DVD, here I come! (the other workouts...not so much...)

  13. great inspiration! love the first pic, and this is one of my fave Mraz songs!!!
    As for keeping fit as a new years resolution... yeah it always remins at the top of my to do list and also procrastination list AT THE SAME TIME! It's difficult when you haven't got much to look forward to in terms of holidays/fun etc... idk sometimes to get myself back on track i organise something which involves a beach and a swim suit, thats my motivation because you know you want to look good so you will make an effort. If you know you're not going to show of your figure... there isn't really much point. And also these days we have some magical clothes that can trim inches off.. EVERYWHERE so even less motivation. This year I was meant to go to Portugal, but I lost my passport... so yeah I'm as chubby as a lil piggy right now... I think I need to book another holiday!!!
    thanks for sharing!

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    let me know!