Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ready to Rest

After about 8 days of non-stop Fiesta Bowl Game week activities, my duties have come to an end (sort of). This past week was so incredible but I'm ready to rest. After running from event to event, and even waking up at 3:30 a.m. for a TV interview, I'm SO ready to sit back and finish The Help- which I started a month ago!

And as much as I'm ready to start blogging again, it's hard for me to want to get back into a routine because I have a few more days off of work and school. I'm sorry if I don't post everyday, but I'm going to take advantage of the next couple days... I going to be selfish with my time for once!

Here's a few (of hundreds) photos from game week! Have a wonderful day!

Team arrivals- we welcomed each team for the Insight & Fiesta Bowls at the airport!

The Fiesta Bowl Trophy! So cool!

Attending the Insight Bowl!

Our amazing float for the Fiesta Bowl Parade!

Fiesta Bowl New Year's Eve Invitational- our date was our driver/security guard! :)

On the sideline before kick off!

On the field during half time- view of the scoreboard/screen!

My wonderful family!

Such a wonderful game- congratulations to the OSU Cowboys!


  1. I loved that NYE dress! I'm proud to be an Oklahoman--they worked HARD this year!

  2. You looked beautiful in all your pics! Looks like it was a blast!

  3. These are amazing pictures! You look beautiful, what a wonderful experience!

  4. Very Cute Blog!

    your newest follower :)

  5. wow you are gorgeous!! looks like a lot of fun