Thursday, January 12, 2012

Connecting the Dots: Pilates to Life

Often times in life we are inspired by something but forget to find ways in which that idea can be applicable to our own lives. When we became aware of this lack of application and change our ways, we are fortunate enough to grow more than we never imagined.

Yesterday was the first day of my pilates class- and yes I get college credit for it! After we went over they syllabus and introductions we all stood before mirrors and were instructed to find our center. The instructor told us to show our natural tendencies and then explained how to correct those instincts and stand so that your body is stacked accordingly. She spoke of words like magnets, energies and such- of course these words I need to master for the final exam, but what got me thinking was the idea of having a "place" or zone that enables you to better your daily life.

Even though we only began to learn the idea of finding your center, our teacher explained that standing in the "right" manner can enable you to have more energy and be better to your body. I can't wait to see my posture improve, but also the way in which my life will too.

And as cute as this photo is... this is not the correct pilates stance :)

The thing I'm realizing is that you can have many "centers" or safe places with your own life that motivate you to act it certain ways. For example, you may focus your mind on God, positivity or peace... Whatever it may be, acts as the largest factor for your inspiration and determination to accomplish certain tasks. I've decided that we can have different centers for our mind, body and souls.

I can't wait to dive deeper into this unknown idea of changing my stance to create more energy! I know that there's so much more I'm going to find out about my self, body and mind.

Happy Friday!


  1. I took pilates as a course in college my freshman year! I became a group exercise instructor my junior year and started teaching mat pilates my senior year! I hope you love it!

  2. I took Pilates too, but we didn't get as in depth as you are in your class, which I really like! I'm glad you are enjoying it already, and excited for more!

  3. I am loving your first paragraph, it is so true and fits so well into my life right now! So jealous you can take Pilates for credit, can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. I´ve always wanted to master Pilates, but I never actually did :( I guess I´m just so impatient, and it´s too slow for me. But I´ll be happy to read about your progress :) I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

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  5. I've taken a few pilates classes and their always great!