Saturday, February 18, 2012

Misplaced Passion

This weekend I was cleaning out the drawer next to my bed. You know the routine - finally time to sort out all the junk you toss in there on a regular basis. I've been storing random things in it since I moved into my apartment in June and I could barely get it to open and close smoothly... I swear, I'm normally a neat freak!
But it wasn't so much about the things I found and tossed during my cleaning session, but instead what I found myself doing in the meantime.

I was singing my heart out. In fact, the sound was coming straight from my soul.

What you don't know about me is that I LOVE singing. My dad has 12 brothers and sisters, and together they all all formed a band. So naturally, I spent my childhood holding a microphone on stage at a handful of "gigs" every few months. Wedding receptions, family gatherings, birthday parties- you name it, we played music there!

Two years ago I entered a contest to open for Michelle Branch in Phoenix. I even made it to the the semifinals...

Anyway, the deal is that I haven't performed in public in a long time... and I MISS IT!

I think life gets so busy that we tend to put certain passions and pastimes in drawers and forget about them for a while. For me, the trouble is I'm not exactly sure where to put my voice to use. In high school, I sang with the worship band at my church almost every week. Since coming to college I haven't found a church I truly call home. And even though I'm about to pack up everything and head back to Scottsdale in a few months, there's a part of me that knows I could find someplace to sing.

But with what time? Grrr.... Time always has to be the issue.

Do you have any "hidden" talents or passions you've pushed aside? Maybe it's time to get them out and spark a fire in your soul! Even if you're not "the best" at what makes you happy... doing what makes your heart smile will bring joy to your daily life.



  1. Beautiful quote, you should definitely to find time for singing!

  2. i bet you have a lovely little singing voice :)

  3. Hey! I changed blog locations. My new one is at so no need to follow The Notebook anymore :)