Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ode to John Mayer

I think everyone has a music artist or celebrity that holds a special place in their heart. Am I wrong? My all-time favorite singer is John Mayer. He is so incredibly talented, funny and handsome- when he's a bit more cleaned up than he is now.

Anyway, he's streaming a new single on his website and will release a new album in late May! What a way to finish out my senior year. He starts touring in March and will be stopping in my hometown on May 6. I HAVE to go to this concert. Last year I had the opportunity to see him in Las Vegas, but my cousin was getting married that same weekend so I had to decline.

Thank you, John Mayer for giving me something to look forward to as I study for my GRE and complete my last semester of college!

Check out his new song here.

As I mentioned before, I find him to be REALLY funny. Here is one of my favorite videos of him pranking his fans. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



  1. lol!! That is so cute! I've seen him in concert once, years ago... I got there late thought... Now i'm wondering if I missed out on some preconcert fun ;) lol xox

  2. John Mayer is my fav too! His concerts are the BEST! He comes to Memphis in April! I HAVE to get tickets!

  3. I really like John Mayer as well!

  4. I love John Mayer! I still remember going to his concert with a bunch of Sorority sisters, so much fun!

  5. I loveeee his voice!


  6. Nice song--thanks for sharing! He's a pretty amazing song writer.

  7. my fav too. I was excited to hear about his new cd. finally!!