Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mindful Monday- Week 4

This week I will do my best to be mindful of:

- The ability to maintain and take charge of my own stress level. Yes, this does have to do with the fact that my GRE is on Sunday and I don't feel prepared. Where do you draw the line between putting current school assignments and future school/career aspirations first?

- The power of prayer. Mike has a few big decisions to make about medical school in the next few weeks. We can only do so much, but God can take care of it all.

- The fact that we are so blessed to be able to enjoy the flavors of fresh food! I went grocery shopping yesterday and got so many fresh vegetables and fruits. It WILL taste so much better than anything I can ever get from a can, bag or box!

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Mine was full of friends, work, GRE studying & homework!



  1. you will do great on the GRE! i'll be praying for you!

  2. You will do awesome on the GRE! Good luck ;) and you also won my harvey prince giveaway ;)

  3. Good luck on the GRE! I may one day have to take that, so I will be praying for you!