Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Reason, Season or Lifetime"

As you will know, this phrase is not my own. "Reason, season or lifetime." I love it and find so much truth in those four simple words.

Last night I was at a friend's birthday dinner. A small group of us were discussing people and incidents from our past [I promise it was not in the form of gossip]. When asked if I thought I'd be invited to the wedding of a friend I no longer speak to, I quickly said no. Honestly, for a split second I was a bit upset- maybe even angry. Speaking about the situation made the reality set it. It brought to life the fact that we are no longer friends.

As I tried to change the subject, I caught myself thinking, "Reasons, seasons or lifetime." And thank goodness I did.

While there are some people that you'll be close to forever, there are others that may come and go with the seasons. But almost everyone, if you truly think about it, has been placed in your life for a reason. Whether they've taught you something big or small, they've served some kind of purpose.

Therefore, as I'm quick to feel sad about recieving one less wedding invitation [or lost friendship] during my lifetime, I am certain I've learned at least one important lesson. What did she teach me? As you're on the journey to find out who you are, don't be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. And certainly don't let others put you down for the various opportunities you take. Experience is how you learn more about yourself.

As I wish my old friend a lifetime of happiness with her future husband, I remain thankful for our seasonal friendship. I'll always remember the outcome of our interactions and the realizations that have made me a stronger person.

And to those friends who will be with me for the long haul, thank you for all that you have and WILL teach me. For you I am so blessed.

On another note, how cute is this "thankful tree"? Such a fun way to count and remember your blessings.

Happy Friday! XO


  1. I love the thankful tree. I saw that too!
    It's hard when you lose a friend or distance weakens relationships.

  2. i know what you mean about losing friendships, but it is important to remember that they were in your life for one reason or another-and without them, you may not be who you are today!

  3. It is hard when you have lost a friendship and you feel that pang or reality set in. I love your mindset - 'reason, season, or lifetime'. Great outlook/way of thinking.

  4. This is such a special post...I could totally relate to it...I had a couple of very close friends in college..for different reasons, we did not continue our friendships...I miss them from time to time but know the relationships served their purpose and we have moved on

  5. reading htis post yes i have had a few of those friendships, and you are right about reason, season or lifetime. it is tough but when you can recognize it, it is so much easier to swallow

  6. I agree. There is definitely a difference between season and lifetime, and as I reflect on my friendships that have withered, it's sometime that they have dissolved for no reason at all. But that's okay by me! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Very true, everything happens for a reason and every experience has a purpose in the long run.
    That thankful tree is a great idea, I'm going to have to get started making one.
    I love the new blog design too, it looks great!
    Happy weekend.

  8. Great post and so true. I sometimes stop and think about friendships lost and while it's sad that someone you once cared for isn't part of your current life, they will always be a part of it because they helped shape you into who you are today. Hope you have a great Friday!

  9. Beautiful post. I completely agree with you and this was a great reminder for me. Happy weekend!

  10. I think this is so well put. I agree 100% with you and couldn't have said it better myself! Sometimes I will find myself thinking of the past wondering why I am not friends with certain people anymore and wondering why a certain situation happened as it did, but everything DOES happen for a reason and you grow from it. Thanks for posting this!

  11. I agree! I'm in a similar situation and can totally relate to these feelings.